Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get Beautiful Skin with Arcona Skincare!

Hi everyone! Hope your all having a great day. Today I wanted to share some interesting and unique products with you from a brand named Arcona. I for one had never heard of Arcona until recently. I have been so amazed with their product selection! As I said, each one is so unique. What other brand can you find that has a moisturizer named "Magic Pink Ice"?

Not only do I love Arcona for it's unique products, I also love the fact that all of the line's products are free of harsh dyes, chemicals, and perfumes. In fact, the whole line was developed by a chemist, looking to create a line of products that would diminish the need for plastic surgery. According to SkincareRX.com, "The high-end line of skincare products contains enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sea vegetables, antioxidants and others natural ingredients that rejuvenate different layers of skin and are effective for people with different skin types and of different ages."

Each product is packaged beautifully. If you are looking to treat yourself to a skincare item, I definitely recommend that you make it from Arcona.

Here's some of the lovely products that really caught my eye!

Arcona Cranberry Toner- $32.00

"Naturally beautiful, toned skin is possible with ARCONA Cranberry Toner. This three-in-one cranberry milk toner uses the nourishing properties of antioxidant rich botanicals and rice milk to clean, tone, hydrate, and protect skin, resulting in healthy, radiant complexion. Arcona's products are all formulated without harsh chemicals or preservatives so you can feel good from the inside out!"

Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion- $35.00

"Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion 10% uses Pumpkin Extract and Glycolic Acid to improve the tone and elasticity of your skin. This all natural body lotion is great for repairing sun damage and firming skin for beauty that lasts."

Arcona Magic Pink Ice- $38.00

"Get a splash of hydrating moisture with Arcona Magic Pink Ice. This daily moisturizing gel gives you deep conditioning without clogging pores using all natural ingredients to freshen your skin. Arcona donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Magic Pink Ice to beast cancer research so you can feel twice as good about your purchase!"

I hope you all found these products as great as I have! To check these products out, and more please click here!


  1. Oh wow, these products sound wonderful! I haven't tried any of these products before, but I really want to now :D

  2. Oooo we don't have that brand here but I would love to try it. I love the packaging


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